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About The Money Belt

The Money Belt is your gateway to financial learning. Here, you can build your knowledge and confidence in handling finances and situations involving decisions about money. It’s the place to get practical tips and test what you know — and don’t know — about managing money without the risks and consequences you would encounter in real life.

Created by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, The Money Belt is dedicated to teaching financial life skills — the basics about money and the financial world in an easy-to-understand way that is relevant to you.

Who Is This Site For?

The site is designed for Canadian youth aged 15 to 29 years old. However, the information you’ll find on this Web site is useful for anyone with a penny in their pocket, no matter how old they are!

Visit The City, enter the Tool Shop, cast your vote in one of our polls, watch the clips and learn how to better manage your money — wisely, responsibly and safely.

Why Was This Site Created?

Many people — particularly young Canadians — lack good money skills. The Money Belt was specially created to give them the opportunity to:

  • increase their financial knowledge, make informed decisions and avoid high levels of debt
  • be aware of the choices that exist when choosing financial services or products, such as credit cards, loans or bank accounts
  • discover the many benefits of being money savvy, such as developing good savings habits and taking steps to avoid being a victim of fraud
  • learn how to avoid financial problems in the future by taking action now, and find out where to go for help